Paul Iwancio and Ella's Umbrella

Paul Iwancio is the founder and president emeritus of the Baltimore Songwriters Association.  Most recently he won first place in the Colorado Music Business Organization (COMBO) songwriting contest (October 2021). In the past he has won awards from the Great American Songwriting Contest, The Mid Atlantic Songwriting Contest and has been a finalist in many performing songwriter contests.  In 2006 he was chosen to perform at The Kennedy Center as part of the first ever ASCAP Songwriters Showcase held there.  

Paul Iwancio and Nita Paul performed as the duo named Ella's Umbrella from 2008-2018. 

Unfortunately, due to throat issues, Nita is no longer singing professionally.   You can still hear the duo on CD and streaming service sites. Ella's Umbrella-Colors in Our Sky on Bandcamp.



Before there was an Ella's Umbrella, Paul produced a wonderful self-titled  CD.  Although it is out of print, you can purchase a download here.


Nita also performed jazz with various accompanists.  You can hear some of Nita's jazz recordings here.